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Rice bran oil production process Empty Rice bran oil production process

Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:04 pm
Introduction of rice bran oil production process:
In the rice bran oil production process , after the rice is milled from the white rice production, rice bran quickly becomes rancid and is unfit for human consumption. And generally, the raw rice bran was mostly sold as animal feed. But there has 15-20% oil content in the rice bran, the rice bran oil can be human consumption, The paddy production's amount is 37% of total grain output in the world, in the rice bran oil production process of paddy rice to be white rice, the shell and 10% testa and embryo will be removed.

Rice bran is made of testa and embryo, one of the main byproduct, research and the data show that the rice bran is rich in various nutrients and the physiological active substances.Refined rice bran oil is light yellow or brown color liquid oil.Rice bran oil is extracted from rice skin and germ which concentrate the most nutrition.And rice bran oil is of rich nutrition which contains 80% UFA (unsaturated fatty acid). The rate of SFA(saturated fatty acid), MUFA(monounsaturated fatty acid ), PUFA(polyunsaturated fatty acid) is 1:2.1:1.8.
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